Trusting Her Submission

dominance submission Aug 21, 2023

As Dawn’s Dominant, it is my responsibility to lead. To make decisions. To look at the entirety of a situation and make the best decision I can. 

To do this well, I first need to be grounded within myself. I have to be comfortable with my strength, and confident in my own ability to make wise decisions. I need to believe in the premise that I am worthy of her submission. 

I also need to be able to trust that she’s following me authentically, not just acting how she thinks I want her to act, or saying what she thinks I want to hear. 

Trust isn’t just something that the feminine needs to have for the masculine. The masculine needs to trust the feminine as well. 

Telling me what she thinks I want to hear, or acting how she thinks I want her to act, would be giving me a performance. It’s giving me false or incomplete information, which is dishonest at best, or manipulative at worst. 

And if I lead based on false or incomplete information, I’m potentially leading her into an emotionally harmful situation. 

To lead with love, I need a willing follower who is surrendered within my love and protection. A robotic, obedient automaton isn’t any of these things. There’s no love in giving or expecting mindless obedience. 

I need to feel her vulnerability and full surrender. I need her wide open in every moment. And I need the raw, honest information that is inside of her. In her words, her actions, and her energy.  Never feeling as if she is trying to manipulate an outcome or protect my feelings from her truth. 

Surrender to HER truth is her submission and true devotion to me.

This is how I trust that I can take the lead. I can know that I am receiving accurate information, not a performance, when she is fully surrendered. 

And I can confidently lead, knowing that I am leading her deeper into her own authenticity, and away from any harm. 

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