Devotional Dominance and Submission

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Everything we've learned in five years of loving D/s. Yours Free. 

Coaching and Courses

Support for the couple desiring to learn how D/s and love work together to bring intimacy and intensity together over the long term.


Once per year, we teach everything we've learned about Devotional D/s. Rapture 2024 begins on January 28th, and is filling up fast. 

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Living Surrendered

Over 3 hours of video content on feminine surrender, learning to let go, and why it's so hard for submissive women to relax. 

Overcome Overthinking

Individual Coaching & Mentorship

Work 1-1 with us to integrate loving Dom/sub dynamics into your relationship.

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Rapture is a three month live immersion course with Andrew and Dawn.

We teach you everything we've learned about how to live intense, passionate D/s dynamics inside of healthy loving relationships over 12 weeks of powerful and potent teachings. 

Spaces are limited, and sell out every year, so don't wait! We can't wait to meet you in Rapture. 

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Meet Andrew & Dawn


In 2018, after 8 years of happy marriage, Andrew asked Dawn to be his submissive. 

Dawn's journey into an authentic submission started with a fear of losing herself, an unwillingness to become a doormat, and a complete lack of understanding of what it would really take to let Andrew actually lead her and take care of her fully. 

After nearly 5 years, not only has she come into a very deep and loving submission, she's done so in a way that helped her truly find herself and experience a new freedom that could only be explained as spiritual. 

Together, we have touched the deepest and most passionate love we've ever imagined, and made it our mission to share it with all those who seek the same loving power exchange dynamics in their own lives.