Welcome to Infinite Devotion

We teach individuals and couples how to live passionate D/s dynamics inside of healthy loving relationships. 


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Welcome to Infinite Devotion

We teach individuals and couples how to live passionate D/s dynamics inside of healthy, loving relationships

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Connect with submissive women on a deeper level, by learning to embody Dominance with a kind loving heart.


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Connect with Dominant men through your devotion to love, feminine magnetism and learning to let go of control.


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Work together to build a D/s dynamic that is laced with love, passion, and respect that grows deeper with time.


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Our signature program for women. A six month guided immersion with Andrew & Dawn - guiding you to your own authentic feminine embodiment and expression.

End overthinking, connect with your body, and finally feel at peace in your own life.  

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There is such a deep feeling of truth, integrity, and authenticity in your words and your love for each other. Learning from you has left me DEEPLY inspired to go into the world and live in the freedom of surrender.




When we started on the path of bringing Dominance & submission into our marriage, we had to face so many challenges.

How does Andrew step into Dominance without losing his loving heart?

How does Dawn learn to let go of control, when she's had to live her whole life taking charge and looking out for herself?

How do we integrate these D/s dynamics without blowing up a happy relationship?

Almost 5 years later, we are working together to help bring D/s dynamics out of the shadows, by living our deeply loving connection and sharing our experience with the world with deep authenticity and humility.


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Learn how we have built a loving, healthy D/s dynamic over the past 5 years in a 24/7 Dom/sub relationship. 

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