Dominance With Heart

Dominance isn't just about what you do in the bedroom.

Nor is it just about taking the lead in your relationship.

True Dominance is about BEING a Dominant man, all the way down to your core. 

It means building and owning a truly Dominant character. 

Infinite Devotion is here to guide you.

Coaching and Courses

Learn to understand and embrace your masculine edge, without losing touch with your heart  

The Kingdom Men's Mastermind

The Kingdom is a weekly men's mastermind, where we discuss healthy Dominance, Masculinity, and Leadership

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12 Steps To Dominance

Get the free guide to becoming the kind of Dominant man that inspires deep authentic submission. 

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Individual Coaching & Mentorship

Work 1-1 with Andrew as you grow into your own authentic expression of masculine dominance.

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Meet Andrew

My work as a men's coach and mentor revolves around a relentless seeking of the truth.

This all began for me with a deep stubbornness. I have always been unwilling to accept a world where I couldn't have a passionate intensity over the long term with a woman who I deeply loved and cared for. 

Conventional wisdom disagrees. It's one or the other. Closeness kills passion, they say. 

I've discovered a path to having both. Passionate, intense desire AND close loving intimacy. It's not easy, it will demand your absolute best.

I'm honored and humbled that you've found me, and I look forward to supporting you in your journey.