Men Should Fear Commitment

Aug 21, 2023

Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Men are the gatekeepers of commitment. 

We think of this often in terms of how people find and connect to new partners when they are available an on the market. 

Men are the ones deciding whether or not they will make a commitment, because if a woman is interested in him, she will naturally want his commitment. 

Women are the ones deciding whether or not the relationship will become physically intimate, because if a man is interested in her, he will naturally want her in bed. 

But what we don’t consider often enough is how these truths play out INSIDE of a relationship. 

Because what we have the power to give, we also have the power to take away. 

Life Force Energy

Our sexual energy is our life force and something that all human beings who desire a life of freedom need to have freedom to fully express. We are either expressing our sexual energy, or we are spiritually dead.

Our connection to another human being in spiritual union can be the ultimate fulfillment of the human experience, and for a man whose purpose is more spiritual than physical/material in nature, this connection and union serves as an absolute necessity to his fulfillment of his life’s purpose, and his ultimate spiritual freedom.

For a man whose purpose is more physical/material, this connection is a potential roadblock to his achievement, or source of his greatest success. 

Therefore, in making a commitment to a woman, a man is taking a big risk. We are putting our ultimate human expression, and therefore our entire life’s purpose, in the hands of someone else. 

The Dangers Of Commitment

So if a man doesn’t fear commitment, he doesn’t value his own freedom or understand his own true purpose. Because this man doesn’t understand that his entire physical and spiritual expression hinges on the rightness or wrongness of his choice in partners. 

If a man commits fully to a woman, he makes the choice to surrender his sexual options to enter into an unbreakable covenant. And his ability to fully express his own sexual essence is out of his hands and in the hands of another. The expression of his sexual essence, in alignment with his values and purpose, are his path to freedom. To heaven on earth.

And if this is not received by his chosen partner in its fullness, and she does not offer her own sexual fullness in return, his very essence is destroyed in equal measure to her inability or unwillingness to meet him fully. 

If she does not commit as fully as he does, he does not reach the enlightenment that only union can make possible. If she does not continually deepen into her own fullest sexual expression, he is now energetically and spiritually bound to someone who has cut off the full expression of his life force. If she requires more love than he is willing or able to give, she will never be satisfied enough with him, and will serve to energetically block his ultimate purpose. 

Both his inner and outer journey to freedom depend on her. 

Man’s Purpose And Sexual Expression

But, a wise choice of a woman to commit to fully can bring a man to heaven on earth. To conscious bliss.

Because as men our fulfillment of our human and spiritual purpose in life require us to receive openly from the feminine in our hearts, and to have our full sexual expression received, by our woman, or by the world.

We will always be limited in our freedom by anything that cuts off our fullest expression. And we will be liberated by anything that brings it to fruition.

A man’s energy is primarily physical, and we must have fertile ground in which to plant the seed of our consciousness. 

Men who seek to attain meaning through the material world put this concept to work to build businesses and make money. 

Men who seek to find meaning through the spiritual world put this to work to create love. 

Both are sexual expression. A planting of a seed. However, there is a major difference between these two types. 

Duality For Material Success

The first requires duality in order to reach his heaven on earth. To create material resources with his life force, a man must take his own sexual energy and direct it into the physical world. If he has made a commitment to one woman and truly eschews ALL others, then he is sourcing from her feminine energy to spread his seed outside of her, into the material world. If he does not commit this fully, he can still draw energy from the feminine at large for his own transmutation purposes. 

The risk to his mission is to commit to a woman who cuts off the flow of her love, because that is the fuel that allows him to fulfill his purpose. If his partner does not want his sexual expression, it won’t matter much to him, in terms of his true fulfillment, because she is not the place where he plants his spiritual-sexual seed. He plants his seed to grow material resources, and her love is a tool for the achievement of his true purpose and priority. 

He can survive on having sex remain in the realm of the physical, because his purpose is in the realm of the physical. Oneness cannot enter the picture in this relationship, because it will detract from his purpose. He requires duality…separateness… with and from a woman who is willing to receive materially, rather than spiritually. Oneness will feel more like hell on earth to this type of man, as it pulls him away from what matters most. 

Union For Spiritual Fulfillment

The second type of man requires unity with the feminine to reach his own heaven on earth. He is not interested in the physical and material, beyond necessity. His drive will be to create love with his life force. 

In this pursuit, a man directs his sexual energy into his woman instead of into his work. He is drawing from her authentic sexual expression to fuel his own, and directing that expression back into her. To create oneness, fueled by the cycle of each others full sexuality. If this type of man does not commit to an energetically devotional union, he will never achieve his true purpose. 

But the risk to his mission is committing to a woman who is too materially focused, or who is unable to express her own sexuality or receive his. Because his purpose is to create love, he must experience and openly receive her uninhibited, authentic sexual and emotional expression (which is her love) AND he must have an openly receptive partner who will receive his full sexual expression. 

From this place of oneness with the feminine, the seed of his consciousness grows into love through the unrestricted flow of sexual energy between man and wife, in the truest meaning of those words. 

Her body receives his sexual expression and transmutes the emotions that his penetration generates into her own sexual energy. She loves him with this emotionally charged sexual expression, which he transmutes into more sexual penetrative energy. 

It is a constant flow of Eros that can create materially in the physical world through pure desire. Manifestation in it’s truest sense - through the magnetic devotion they have to each other’s sexual-spiritual fulfillment. 

Duality or separateness will destroy this man’s spirit, because his spiritual meaning and purpose require not only full and complete commitment, but full and complete surrender to a completed, unbreakable covenant of sexual expression as one cohesive unit with his chosen wife. 

When he commits to a woman, he does so fully, and he puts his own spiritual freedom at the mercy of her own continued receptivity, and his own ability to receive the entirety of her emotional/sexual expression. 

Choose Wisely

That which grows from the seeds of our sexual expression is what fuels us. It’s what makes life worth living for a man, to reap the harvest of the seeds which he has planted.

And the woman we choose can either amplify the energy of our purpose, or she can cut off our ability to reach our own heaven on earth, if she stands as a limiting or blocking force to whatever our authentic sexual expression is. 

So yes, men are afraid of commitment, as they rightly should be. There is amazing freedom to be found in committing fully to one woman, when your desires and purposes suit and support each other.

But a wrong choice can be destructive to his life, purpose, and spiritual freedom. While a correct choice can bring him to heaven on earth.

So he must choose wisely.

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