Devotion In Dominance

dominance submission Aug 21, 2023

It’s up to me as Dawn’s Dominant to know her completely, to see her deeply, to quite literally feel what she’s feeling.

A submissive’s needs must come before a Dominant’s wants, always. Surrender requires safety, and no submissive can feel truly safe if her needs aren’t being looked after by the one she has chosen.

If anyone is going to sacrifice themselves in this D/s dynamic, it’s not going to be Dawn.

My image of a submissive has never been a woman kneeling in the corner, waiting to see what was going to be done to or expected of her.

My image of myself as a Dominant has never been to be demanding or forceful in any way.

What I’ve always craved in D/s, and what I’m relentlessly leading us towards, is to see Dawn set completely free through her submission, and to experience the unlimited expression of love from a woman so completely alive.

It’s so rare to see a woman completely alive. Completely unburdened by life. Relaxed, erotic, expressive, feminine, and wide open with her longing, craving, and receptivity.

Surrendered. To life.

There’s no amount of force or control that can set a woman free in this way.

But there is also no amount of caving to her whims that does it either.

There are no quick or easy routes to the depth of surrender I desire. This doesn’t have anything to do with physical submission or mindless obedience. I want the opposite. I want to see her full of life.

I want her spiritually free. Free of traumas and wounds. Free of self doubt. Free in her mind. Free in her body. Overtaken by love in every moment. Eros flowing freely inside her.

Her responsibility is not to mindlessly obey me. It’s not to abdicate herself. It is to be focused on taking care of herself and communicating her needs. Selfishly. And to give herself to me completely out of authentic desire and gratitude.

My Dominance is giving her a life that sets her free. Her submission is receiving that which I have given her, and living in her deepest surrender.

And in this, I receive something far more meaningful than mindless obedience.

This is where loving devotion meets Dominance and submission in a healthy, loving, power exchange that lasts.

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