Overcoming Overthinking


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 Episode 33: Overcoming Overthinking

Overthinking is a challenge that comes into direct confrontation with any attempts to engage in deeper intimacy in relationship. And this tendency to get stuck in cycles of overthinking and ruminating is one that can feel impossible to escape.   

In this episode, we discuss how we’ve worked through each of our own overthinking problems. We get into what definitely DIDN’T work, and how we’ve come to a place of being much more present in our own bodies and our own experiences.   

What we’ve found to be true is that we CAN end the cycle of overthinking, but we will never think our way out of a thinking problem. No amount of information gathering or understanding has helped.   Instead, we’ve had to realize the root causes of overthinking and come into deep awareness of what we’re trying to avoid with these spinning, cycling, ruminating thoughts. And this has been how we’ve found our way to a much deeper place of presence in each of our experience of life.   

Enjoy this episode, there is a ton of very potent and valuable sharing of experience in this conversation for anyone who wants to end this pattern of being stuck in your head.   


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