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How do I find my loving Dom? 

A workshop for submissive women searching for their other half in a world full of non committal men

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A 2 Hour Workshop with Q&A

Answering the most common question we hear...


How do I find my Dominant man? 




COST: $69 

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Our most common question...


I want a 24/7 committed D/s relationship like what the two of you have, but I have no idea how to find a loving Dominant man. How do I meet him? 


If you have asked yourself this question, know that you are NOT alone. We hear this almost every single day. 

We share a lot about our love and our experience of Dominance and submission, and how special it is to us. And there are so many women who come to us wanting to experience the kind of life in submission that Dawn lives. 

But how do they find the man to help make that a reality? 

Is it possible? 

Do these men even exist? 

They do...and we want to teach you how to find your man.

Testimonials from past Infinite Devotion Workshops

In dating, I have changed overnight from this workshop. I can’t thank you enough, Andrew and Dawn, for the change you’ve given me in how I approach men and dating.


For the first time in my life, I can see myself as a whole, valuable woman, not the awkward girl trying to be seen.

I needed this workshop to help me get there.


I can’t believe that I suddenly have the power of confidence and pride with a new man all from essentially calming down.

I just didn't know how. Now I do. Thank you.


Hi! We're Andrew & Dawn

Back in 2018, after 8 years of happy marriage, Andrew confessed a long held desire to explore a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship with Dawn, and after weeks of discussion, she trusted him and followed him into the world of D/s.

What neither of us realized at the time is how much deeper into love this would take us. Through our D/s relationship, we have discovered a deep and intense love, and we’ve made it our purpose to share it with the world.

As we have spent the last several years teaching and mentoring hundreds of people in what we call Devotional D/s, we have witnessed what allows women to connect with the kind of men they crave...and what definitely doesn't work. 

What will you learn in this workshop?

In this workshop, we will share: 

The characteristics of a man who has the capacity for loving Dominance

How to navigate dating apps and write profiles that attract the right kind of men 

Handling the initial conversations with a new connection (including when to let the conversation go sexxual)

How (and when!) to introduce D/s to a man who doesn't understand it...without having to take the lead

The work you can do on yourself to make yourself ready for, and attractive to, the man you're seeking when you do connect with him

How to inspire more Dominance from a kind man...

And lots more. 

Answering your questions


This workshop was originally livestreamed with an audience of submissive women seeking Dominant partners. 

The Q&A that we did as a part of that livestream is included here, so you can learn from the wonderful questions that our live participants brought forth.

At only $69...

This is the lowest priced on-demand workshop we've ever offered by a long shot...and it's that way for a reason. 

We want this information in the hands and hearts of as many women as possible.  

This workshop will be all about practical advice on how to attract, find, and connect with the Dominant man you've longed for. 

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Finding My Dominant Man 

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