Handling a submissive woman's emotions

https://infinitedevotion.com/becoming-a-dominant-man - In our new course for men, we teach you how you can build the inner strength that it takes to lead a submissive woman through a loving D/s dynamic...by first becoming Dominant over yourself.   

There is nothing quite so confounding to men as the emotions of their woman. In fact, many men seem to approach Dominance as a means to finally have some control over these emotions, or at least the ability to deal with them.   

But what happens when Dominance is used to suppress her emotional expression? Shutting her down doesn't get him anywhere either.   

In this episode, we share with Dominant men how to set her free by the way you handle and receive her emotional expression.

And how submissive women can give a gift to their Dominant, and to the world, by bringing a big expression.   

Learn more about how we support individuals and couples to live Dom/sub dynamics inside of healthy, loving relationships at https://infinitedevotion.com