Q&A with a married Dom/sub couple

Dom sub Devotion is a podcast from a married 24/7 D/s couple, where we share the depths of love and devotion that we've found through our Dom/sub dynamic over the last 5+ years. You can learn more about Andrew & Dawn, including the courses and coaching that we offer, through our website at https://infinitedevotion.com


It's time for another Q&A episode! Andrew & Dawn answer all sorts of our followers' questions.

What's it like wearing a collar 24/7? Do you fear losing each other? Does Dawn ever feel guilty for the amount of responsibility Andrew takes on? Does 24/7 Dominance and leadership stress Andrew out, or feel like a burden? We answer these questions and more in this episode, and at the end, we share a bit more about ourselves, for our listeners and viewers to get to know us on a more personal level!