My journey inward as a 24/7 submissive

As a 24/7 married Dom/sub couple, we've gone deep into what makes love and D/s work together.

In this episode, Andrew interviews his wife and submissive, Dawn, about her experience of submission. This deep, and vulnerable conversation exposes her experience in learning to let go, stop overthinking, and allow herself to truly trust and depend on Andrew as her husband and her Dominant.

This is part one of a two part series as a lead up to Rapture, our most powerful educational offering each year. 2024's edition of Rapture begins January 28th.

In Rapture, we teach you everything we've learned about how to create and live in loving Dom/sub dynamics. We take you through everything from the practical to the spiritual. Healthy communication that supports your D/s dynamic. How love and passion can coexist. How the submissive can learn to let go of overthinking and control, and the Dominant can learn to be more present and receptive to her emotions.

In these next two episodes, we reveal the depths of our experience in this relationship together, as we interview each other. If you find yourself wanting to live a D/s dynamic that works both in the bedroom AND over breakfast on Thursday mornings in the midst of a hectic life, you'll want to join us in Rapture.

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