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How to be a submissive and 

never lose your self respect


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Are you over feeling....


from the uncertainty of what might happen if you let go of control.


by the way your mind wants one thing, but your body seems to resist.

Stressed out

because all of this feels like TOO MUCH to handle.


in knowing how to actually LIVE this way, while maintaining your self respect.

like you can't trust

yourself, men, or anyone. 

Then it's likely you're suffering from ungrounded submission  which is what happens when the thrill, excitement, and fun of submission hasn't been built on a solid emotional foundation.

Let's get you unstuck ‚Üí





submissive shutdown is real!!!

So, why does the thought of submission make so many of us break out in a sweat, or shut down completely?

Well for starters, it's likely you're trying to project the FANTASY of submission onto your real life, and finding so many ways that you just can't imagine it actually working.

Or maybe you're trying to squeeze yourself into someone else's fantasy version of submission, and finding it impossible to pretend like it actually fits.

You want to honor yourself, be respected, and treated with kindness. 

But you just can't seem to figure out how this could actually work FOR YOU in real life.

You wonder if you're really cut out for being a submissive at all. 

Submissive Foundations is a self study course, taking you from

"I don't know if I can do this" to 

"I trust myself enough to let go"

No more...

  • Getting stuck in your head
  • Fears¬†around abandonment, letting go of control, and the unknown
  • Shutting down your voice to protect Dominant men's feelings
  • Living like your tank is on empty, while you try to give and give
  • Losing yourself just to keep attachment
  • Losing connection with the FUN that submission, surrender, and power exchange are meant to be

From now on...

  • Embrace your own desires
  • Speak up for your needs and desires without being demanding
  • Use your powerful feminine expression
  • Stay connected to your body and your PLEASURE ūü§©ūü§©ūü§©
  • Take the pressure off, and really enjoy everything that submission makes possible!
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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Submissive Foundations...

I've never quite been able to put my finger on why submission was so hard for me. Why it felt so impossible to let go of control. Andrew & Dawn helped me see what I've been missing all along.

-- S.A.

I never imagined that I could be a submissive and have it feel this empowering.

The way that Andrew & Dawn have helped me connect my submission to my authentic self has changed everything for me.

-- V.P.

 This is NOT a "How to do submission perfectly" course!

This is a set of lessons to show you how to make submission work FOR YOU.


Has it ever felt like you're having to work for your submission? Like you're having to convince yourself, or your partner, that it's real? 

That's because you've been trying to DO submission. And that will always leave you with nothing more than a set of actions. You'll probably end up feeling like you're playing a part, or giving a performance. And it won't feel good to you...or your Dominant. 

But when you build a solid foundation, you can let your submission flow from who you are...not just be something that you do. 

Grounded in self-love

In Submissive Foundations, we draw from years of experience in our 24/7 D/s marriage. And lessons we've learned in helping hundreds of women embrace and live their own authentic submission.

Here's how this course will help you.

Learn what you've been missing

With our many years of experience as a 24/7 Dom/sub couple, and coaching hundreds of submissives on their own journey, we've learned how to make power exchange actually work.

Submissive Foundations will teach you what you didn't know about how to be submissive while maintain

Work through the practices

Inside this course, you'll learn from us with over 5 hours of video content. And then, you'll have an opportunity to work through a variety practices and journaling prompts to connect the information to your real life.

Live your best submissive life

Bring the new, grounded, confident version of your submissive self into your life, and feel the difference in how easy this gets to be for you as you interact and relate to your current partner...or your next one! 

All of this is possible because you get:



this course is perfect FOR YOU IF: 
  • You¬†desire submission inside of a loving, healthy relationship
  • You want to face and overcome your fears so submission can feel life giving to you
  • You want to be able to communicate your desires and needs with your partner
  • You want to overcome codependency and people pleasing patterns in your submission
  • You want your submission to your current (or future) Dominant to come¬†from a place of self respect and strength
this course won't be what you're looking for if:
  • You are looking to be submissive in the bedroom only
  • You're not looking to build a loving D/s dynamic¬†
  • You aren't concerned with your own emotional experience
  • You think D/s is just kink

And let's not forget about....

BONUS #1 How to talk to Dominant men

This PDF guide will teach you some of the most important fundamentals about communicating as a submissive inside of healthy Dom/sub relationships

Including what's okay, what's not okay, how to handle disagreements, and more! 

BONUS #2 Tips for online dating as a submissive

Are you single, and looking to connect with a Dominant man to build a loving D/s dynamic? 

How do you write a profile on a dating app to attract the right kind of men? What kind of questions do you ask? How do you know who to trust? 

We'll answer these questions and more in this PDF guide, yours FREE when you purchase Submissive Foundations. 

Look at what others have to say about Infinite Devotion

No one else truly gets it like the two of you...

There's something special about the way you teach, because it comes from your real life experience. And that authenticity helps your lessons come through so potently.

-- I.J.

The amount of love you bring to your work says everything.  

I feel the love you have for each other in every word you speak. 

-- N.D.

Are you Ready?

You can purchase Submissive Foundations and begin learning today. 

Here's what you get.

  • 5 hours of video instruction from Dawn and Andrew
  • Practices aimed at helping you connect more deeply to your submissive truth
  • Journal Prompts to help you see yourself more clearly
  • A better experience of your own submission and pleasure
  • More fun, when you overcome your fears and hesitations
  • Trust in yourself and your ability to speak up
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Hi. I'm Dawn!

Back in 2018, 8 years into our very vanilla marriage, Andrew asked me to be his submissive. And I didn't know what that even meant! (Yes, I was THAT¬†vanilla ūüėā)

In the conversations that ensued, he promised me that he would use my submission to him as a way to lead me to a better experience of life. 

My biggest fear was losing myself.

But all these years later, what has actually happened is that I've found myself through his loving leadership. 

My desire for you in Submissive Foundations is that we can share some of what I've learned for myself, to help you build a solid foundation inside yourself. So that when you submit to a Dominant man, you can find a deep, loving connection...with Him, and with yourself.


See you on the inside....

Time for Action

You got this!!!

Time for Action

You got this!!!

Have questions? We've answered some of the most common ones below! 

I'm Ready ‚Üí

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  • 5 hours¬†of video instruction from Dawn and Andrew
  • Practices aimed at helping you connect more deeply to¬†your submissive truth
  • Journal Prompts to help you¬†see yourself¬†more clearly
  • A¬†better experience¬†of your own submission and pleasure
  • More fun, when you¬†overcome your fears¬†and hesitations
  • Trust in yourself and your ability to speak up
One payment of $197 USD ‚Üí
Two Payments of $99 USD ‚Üí