Bringing Awareness to Dominance - With Eric from EAI

Our first ever guest on Dom Sub Devotion is Eric from the Elemental Arts Initiative.

Eric is a coach and teacher with a diverse and fascinating history that he shares in this episode. He is also my personal friend and confidant.

Having other Dominant men in your life isn't just important, it's essential. Eric and I talk every week about our own lives, our relationships, and the challenges we're facing and working to lead ourselves and our submissives through.

Our conversations were so valuable to both of us that it seemed like something that would be helpful to other Dominant men to hear.

And also valuable for submissives who want a look behind the curtains of a Dominant man's mind as he navigates the rewards and challenges of this lifestyle.

So I asked Eric if he'd be willing to come on the podcast with me to record and share one of our conversations.

There's a lot of gold in here no matter where you're at in your Dom/sub journey.

We'd love to hear your feedback, and if you'd like to hear more from Eric and I in the future!

You can find more about Eric and his partner Rachael through their websites at:


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