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Living Surrendered

A workshop for women learning to let go

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A 90 Minute Workshop + A 90 Minute Q&A Session

On Surrender, Devotion, and Love




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Sharing from our experience


In this workshop, we dive deep into the topic of surrender, from the experience of a loving, married couple.


The morning we were getting ready to release this workshop, Dawn made a statement to me that sums up Living Surrendered so perfectly.

She said “I’m amazed at how much I’ve done already today, and it’s all just felt easy.”

What we teach is always from what we live. Authenticity or nothing.

It’s one thing to understand these ideas and to talk about them with pretty words. It’s another thing entirely to live them every day.

This is why we teach. Because we believe that our experiences as a loving couple working to make our marriage as deep and passionate as possible is the best way we can make a difference in the world.

We all want love that stays passionate and lasts. And surrender is an indispensable key to that love. This workshop is sharing our experience, and our mistakes. Both from Andrew’s perspective, as the man leading Dawn. And from Dawn’s perspective, as the woman who craves this deep surrender.

Testimonials for Living Surrendered

In dating, I have changed overnight from this workshop. I can’t thank you enough, Andrew and Dawn, for the change you’ve given me in how I approach men and dating.


For the first time in my life, I can see myself as a whole, valuable woman, not the awkward girl trying to be seen.

I needed this workshop to help me get there.


I can’t believe that I suddenly have the power of confidence and pride with a new man all from essentially calming down.

I just didn't know how. Now I do. Thank you.


Hi! We're Andrew & Dawn

Back in 2018, after 8 years of happy marriage, Andrew confessed a long held desire to explore a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship with Dawn, and after weeks of discussion, she trusted him and followed him into the world of D/s.

What neither of us realized at the time is how much deeper into love this would take us. Through our D/s relationship, we have discovered a deep and intense love, and we’ve made it our purpose to share it with the world.

Why can’t I relax?

In our work with coaching couples and women, it’s a refrain we hear over and over again.

“I’m so tired of overthinking everything. Needing to be in control. I just want to relax. To let go. To feel a sense of peace. But as soon as I start to slow down, my mind starts spinning. All the things that have to be done, figured out, and remembered.”

Does that sound familiar?

And yet, just a few weeks into coaching people, we hear a completely different story.

“This makes so much sense. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching, and no one ever explained this to me.”

It's all about energy and polarity

Most polarity coaches, relationship coaches, and “wife coaches” have their heart in the right place. They really do care, and they want the best for the people they’re aiming to help.

But they lack a fundamental understanding of how the energy flows inside of a person when they’re in “doing” mode, versus when they’re “being”.

And how this is functionally opposite for women than it is for men.

How your energy flows inside of you impacts how you see the world, and how the world sees you.

Surrender for the feminine isn’t the result of feeling relaxed, safe, and taken care of.

It’s the gateway.

Surrender is more than just “giving in”.

Letting go of control is not letting yourself be walked on.

It’s about leading with receptive energy, and living from your heart.

This is a simple change.

But simple is not the same as easy.

And in “Living Surrendered” we will share practices we have learned from our own experience, as Andrew has helped to support and lead Dawn into a life of freedom from her fear, worry, and stress.

Even if your partner isn’t supportive, or if you are currently unpartnered, these practices will help you transform and transmute your subtle mechanisms of control and manipulation.

And teach you how your subconscious need to feel safe turns the energy of the world against your true nature as a woman.

We truly hope you’ll join us. 

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