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Becoming a Dominant Man


Become the man who inspires women, and the world, to submit to your leadership. 


A structured, step by step program to transform you into the strong, grounded, Dominant man you were always meant to be. 

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I made this course because I want men to experience life from a place of strength. To have their spine fully intact while keeping their heart wide open to love.



Is this you? 

  • You want to be Dominant in a D/s relationship, but it feels SO FAR OUT OF REACH. 
  • Feeling like you just can't get it right with women? 
  • Wanting to have more control over your life? 
  • Tired of being questioned and second guessed? 
  • Wanting to be confident and strong, but feeling like you're just faking it
  • Desiring the love and devotion of a submissive women who deeply wants to submit to you and obey you? 
  • Sometimes feeling afraid that being Dominant means that you have to be a jerk or an asshole to women? 
  • Confused as to why women seem to be so unpredictable
  • Wondering why it feels like you give and give, but never receive anything in return
  • Constantly feeling like you're on the defensive
  • Feeling more comfortable buried in your work, or at the gym, but wondering why women still aren't pursuing you
  • Wondering why she just doesn't tell you what the hell she wants? 
  • Stuck in your head trying to figure out how to do everything right? 
  • Feeling like you just constantly let everyone down, no matter how hard you try, or how good of a man you are? 

I was there

On the outside, everything about my life looked great. I owned a successful business. Impressive income. Beautiful wife. Beautiful home. 

Seemed like I had it all together.

The king of the suburbs. 

But I felt like such a mess on the inside. 

I was trying so damn hard to do all the right things, and still feeling like I wasn't getting my own needs met. 

And I felt completely incapable of speaking up for those needs, because it didn't feel like they mattered. 

So I just kept giving harder, thinking that more of the same would get me to a different result. 

I felt fundamentally powerless over my own life when it came to love, sex, and women.

Like I was destined to live my life feeling hollow and empty. 

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I thought that being a man meant sacrificing yourself for others.

So I tried to make sure everyone else had everything they wanted. 

I was in a state of ignoring my own needs, silently hoping that someone would step up and care as much about me as I cared about them. 

And I was constantly resentful of the fact that they didn't. Which made me feel needy, and completely controlled by my whims and unmet (and unspoken) desires.

But the harder I tried, the needier I felt. And the needier I was, the farther away any satisfaction seemed.

I knew things could be better, but my attempts to make them better only seemed to make them worse. 

And so I let apathy sink in, and I slowly fell apart.

Drank too much. Gained 80 pounds. Sat in front of the TV. Watched too much porn. Buried myself in my work.

And silently dreamed about a life where I was in control. Knowing that if I was, I could make things better for myself AND those around me. 

This course is how I made my way out of that mess.


At my absolute worst, I remember trying to convince my wife to want to have sex with me, when she said she was willing to lay there and let me do what I wanted. 

And in that moment, I remembered...

How much I used to feel like I had the world in my hands. 

How I made things happen. 

How much she really used to WANT me. 

And I decided in that moment that I would Dominate MY OWN LIFE, and become the kind of man that inspired her to desire me, and to never settle for obligation again. 

And things started to change...BIG TIME. 

What if this could be you...

  • You feel women yearning and longing to surrender to you because of the man you are.
  • You experience life as abundant, and full of possibility and opportunity. 
  • You live according to your own code, and feel the strength of having a deep sense of integrity and authenticity. 
  • You walk through life with an authentic sense of self confidence that radiates from your innermost core
  • A man who possesses a deep sense of trust in himself, and a powerful self control, even over his s.x drive, no longer driven by neediness. 
  • You start to make life happen...finding your edge and your passion for life again. 
  • When you want something, you feel everything in your life working on your behalf to make it happen. 
  • You put yourself first, making sure that your own needs are met so that you give from a place of fullness. 
  • You say NO. To her when necessary. And to anything that's not right for you, because you do not sacrifice yourself for others. 

And become truly Dominant...in every respect

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I developed the 12 Steps to Dominance for myself, and now I'm ready to share it with the world. I've lived these principles for years, and they've made me into the man I am today.

Here's what's shifted for me.

  • I step forward and take complete ownership of every part of my life, as if my world is my Kingdom, and I am it's King. 
  • I take care of myself first without any guilt. Because I can't give to others if I'm empty. 
  • I no longer sacrifice myself, FOR ANYONE. 
  • I gained the confidence to speak up for my desires without the energy of neediness that is so repulsive to women. 
  • I'm no longer driven by a need for s.xual attention to feel validated and worthy. My sxx is something I GIVE, not something I get or take. I own it, and I share it where I feel that it is truly desired. 
  • I developed the trust in myself to follow through on my commitments, living with a sense of pride in my own integrity. 
  • And...
  • My wife now wears a collar and kneels at my feet daily, as a sign of her submission and devotion to me and the man that I've become. See for yourself here. 

What You'll Learn Inside:

Becoming a Dominant Man

In this course, you'll be guided through the 12 Steps to Dominance. 

A step by step process you can follow to grow into the strongest, most confident, most Dominant version of your own authentic self. 

Not just a man who plays a Dom role in the bedroom...

But a man who feels Dominant because he IS Dominant. On the inside.

I will guide you through the process I've taken myself through. The same principles I teach men in 1-1 coaching programs that cost thousands of dollars, and that have made me into a man who thousands of women look to as an ideal of heart centered loving Dominance. 

And while you work through these steps, I will be live every Wednesday morning offering counsel and teaching points to help you on your own journey. 

Becoming a Dominant Man is a course for men who want to get in touch with their conscious, masculine Dominance.

Dominance isn't just something you do. It needs to be something that is a part of you on a deeper level.

Integrated into your very being so deeply that it is indistinguishable from your character.

It flows from you like your spirit.

Your Dominance is not a facade or a set of actions you take. It isn't necessarily aggressive, and doesn't need to be forceful or domineering or mean.

The full range of true dominance is more subtle and artistic than that.

You must come into this course believing that there is a Dominant man that exists inside of you. It is a way of being that exists in your spirit that needs to be expressed and lived.

It is nothing that you need to figure out. It is your essence that needs to be remembered and reclaimed.

Your Dominance is your deepest sense of masculine wisdom. It is your natural instinct to lead and express truth. It is your desire to conquer. It is your self worth and inner sense of your true value that belongs to you.

This course exists to show you how to reclaim what's always belonged to you, but that you've lost sight of. 

And this is your call to a higher expression of yourself. 

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Become A Dominant Man


Become the most Dominant version of yourself

  • Access the 12 Steps to Dominance with video guidance and instruction
  • Learn to inspire women's submission, rather than commanding or forcing it (aka...how to be Dominant AND kind at the same time)
  • Become Dominant as a way of being in your every day life, not just a role you play in the bedroom
  • Truly feel the awe and admiration of women for the genuine strength and presence that you embody
  • Experience an authentic confidence that you carry into your personal, professional, and romantic lives. 
  • Bonus: Receive live instruction from Andrew every Wednesday morning. A $5000 Value!
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Becoming A Dominant Man

For just $397, you can have access to the same process that has helped thousands of men find their own strength and open heart. 

With all the time and space you need to work through this process yourself. 

And if you need or want support, this course includes live weekly instruction and Q&A from Andrew every Wednesday morning at 7am Central. 


Not quite ready? Read on for more...

The Secret to Inspiring Submission

If women are not submitting to you in your life, it’s because you are faking something. Women, especially submissive women, are bloodhounds for weaknesses and a lack of integrity.

It's not something they do consciously...they're looking out for their own safety. If you're weak, or if there is something that is out of congruence or integrity, you're not safe enough for her to let her guard down around.

She feels this. She knows it on a deeper level. You can only pretend until the energy of what you're covering up shines through. Then, she'll be on to you. 

You'll feel like she's nagging, or like she's being bitchy. But in reality, if you'll let yourself see it...she's just pointing out something that's true. 

And it sucks when she does it. Because she always knows just where to poke you. That place where it hurts the most. 

Feminine women submit to strong, solid men.

They do so naturally. Automatically. If you're not having this experience with women, it's not the women that are the problem. Some part of you is not as solid or strong as it can be.

This course won’t teach you a quick fix or how to pretend your way into women’s pants.

What it will do is teach you how to be a Dominant man inside and out so that you can exude Dominance in a way that’s real and authentic to you, and the man you are. The man you were BORN to be. 

The bad news and the good news? You will never finish. You will never be done. This isn’t a checklist that you can check off and get it over with. It’s not a game you can play to get something from someone else.

It’s a game you have to play for yourself.

You don't do this for her. You do it for YOU. You have to improve yourself to become the best that you can possibly be, then, look inside yourself to see where you can be even better.

The process of the 12 Steps to Dominance is a lifelong process through which you can organize your self development. It's the process I've followed and guided hundreds of men through. 

It's slow. It's confronting. It will bring you face to face with your pain, your weakness, and your deepest woundings. 

And every step along the way will take you deeper into an experience that you've always deserved...

True, honest, authentic confidence. 

Every single step along this way, will bring you one step closer to living a life that’s a led from the inside out, and every time you do that, the world around, you will react to you differently.

The world will show up differently when you show up differently. 

This is why most men’s personal growth work fails. It’s all focused on the external.

This conventional wisdom will tell men to go to the gym, dress better, make more money, and then women will fall into your lap. 

But when you focus on superficial, you only get the superficial. And that's why this external path always fails. Because even though it may attract women, it won't attract the kind of women you really want. 

If you want a woman to truly submit to you, mind, body, soul and spirit, then you need to be at your highest expression, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

You can be the best looking, richest, most well dressed man in the room, but if you're weak emotionally, you're done for as soon as she sees behind the curtain. 

But it is possible to heal yourself at such a deep level that you are solid. Powerful. Awake. Kind, with a gentleness that only a truly strong man can embody. 

That's the kind of man you deserve to be.

But you always had to EARN it.

That's the kind of man this course will show you how to become. 

But you have to want it for yourself, and commit to doing this work for real. If you are, Becoming a Dominant Man will show you how. 

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