006 - Five tips for a loving Dom/sub dynamic

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In this episode of the Infinite Devotion Podcast, We give 5 of the most important tips we can think of for people who want to live healthy, loving D/s dynamics.

As we unpack these 5 tips, we share lots of what we’ve learned about how to make D/s supportive of a loving, passionate, healthy long term relationship. Both from our own experiences, and what we’ve learned in working with hundreds of others.

Just a few of the things we address in these tips: How to lead her to feel safe to always follow your lead, how to deal with the times a submissive wants to follow but can't, what to do when the submissive introduces D/s to keep her out of the leadership role, how to deal with the Dominant's needs without being needy, and what to do when you're transitioning from vanilla into a D/s dynamic. And a whole lot more.

This episode is a MUST listen for anyone who wants to experience Dominance and submission in a way that is BOTH exciting and passionate, but also loving and devotional.

Tip 1: 2:44 The difference between relating as D/s and the kink of D/s

Tip 2: 13:35 Don’t aim for unquestioning obedience right away

Tip 3: 31:50 The Dominant needs to lead, even if the submissive introduces the dynamic into the relationship

Tip 4: 43:32 Dominants surrender too

Tip 5: 58:50 Adding D/s into an existing relationship


Free resource for men looking to become more Dominant without losing their heart: https://www.infinitedevotion.com/12-steps-to-dominance


The Infinite Devotion podcast, hosted by Andrew & Dawn is a place for deep, authentic conversations about Dom/sub dynamics inside of healthy loving relationships.

We are a married couple who have been living 24/7 Dom/sub since 2018. When we realized how few resources there were for those looking to have healthy relationships with intense power dynamics, we started to share our story in hopes of offering to others what we didn't have...an example of how D/s, love, and intimacy can all work together beautifully.

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