003 - Becoming a 24/7 submissive - Dawn's Story

In this episode, Andrew & Dawn go deep into Dawn’s journey into submission.

What had to change for her, as she went from the life she had always known, into the uncharted waters of surrender? How did she learn to let go of the control that she had taken over so many parts of her life to create a sense of safety for herself?

If you are interested in what it’s like to live in a state of submission and surrender as a woman who has been in control of so much, this episode is definitely for you.

And if you are a Dominant man who wants to understand what it takes for a woman to actually let go and trust you to lead, you NEED to hear Dawn’s story.


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The Infinite Devotion podcast, hosted by Andrew & Dawn is a place for deep, authentic conversations about Dom/sub dynamics inside of healthy loving relationships.

We are a married couple who have been living 24/7 Dom/sub since 2018. When we realized how few resources there were for those looking to have healthy relationships with intense power dynamics, we started to share our story in hopes of offering to others what we didn't have...an example of how D/s, love, and intimacy can all work together beautifully.

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