002 - Growing into authentic loving Dominance

In this episode, we discuss what it took for Andrew to transition out of his old role as husband after 8 years of vanilla marriage into this new role as Dominant, and how his growth impacted Dawn in her submission.

Andrew shares the challenges, frustrations, and failures that he went through early on in the process, and gets deeply vulnerable about how he showed up in the past. And how growing into Dominance has allowed him to see his own weakness for what it is.

Dawn also reflects on how she perceived Andrew differently in the past, based on how he would get reactive, try to please, and get defensive. And how his own growth and inner strength has allowed her to surrender more deeply. This episode has SO MUCH for both Dominants and submissives. We hope you enjoy!

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We are a married couple who have been living 24/7 Dom/sub since 2018 and began sharing our story and teaching from our lived experience in 2020.

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